Why Choose ZTP as Marketing Partner

We offered opportunities for corporations that included Sponsorship & Promotions. We deliver consumer loyalty of international recognition and building collaborations with key partners to achieve shared conservation goals.

  • Internationally recognized Consumer Loyalty
  • Ongoing collaboration with key partners to achieve mutual interest
  • We offer numerous opportunities for corporations to include Sponsorship and Promotions.
  • You will receive our latest activity programs News .


Zoo Negara’s beautiful landscape enables many promotional and marketing opportunities. With approximately 500,000 visitors annually, We can bring your information to our visitors & promoting your brand and attraction place as well.

Zoo Activities: Joint Program & Event

Ztp marketing provided market planning and online ticketing promotion to zoo negara.
Ztp marketing also provided an active platform to all agents to create activities & event calendar at zoo negara.
We can also exchange flyers and/or promotional vouchers at our counter to further promote tourist attraction.