Zoo Negara is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society – A non-governmental organization (NGO) that survives mainly through its daily visitor’s entrance fee, sponsorship from corporate/companies, schools and community groups. Usually like some sponsored for the animals as their event’s mascot.

Some individual who love animals and wildlife are invited to make donations through the website by E-donations. All monies and donations collected will greatly help to sustain and improved the daily well-being of the wild life in Zoo Negara.

A volunteer program called “Wild Life Animal Health Fund” has been set up to help sustain facilitate for Zoo Negara and to educate people about the value of wildlife and its habitats.

Accompany with all the donations, Zoo Negara successfully to prevent in extinction of protected species.

Zoo Negara Management wishes to appreciate all volunteers in the contribution, donations and volunteering programs which leading conservation and education of wildlife.

Bank Account for E-Donation


     Maybank Berhad: 5144 2235 6082

Maybank Secured website Link: https://www.maybank2u.com.my